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Employees understanding, believing and acting on the brand begins with putting them at the heart of the plan from the start. Our approach to the employee experience is based on a belief that employees contribute to change.


Instead of seeing colleagues and partners as ‘audiences’ that need to be communicated to, we treat them as participants in the process from the start. This is founded on the simple principle that when you help to make something, it matters more to you, and is facilitated by proprietary co-creation techniques that engage small and large employee groups throughout strategy and implementation. 


Vital to this approach is the understanding that ‘brand’ success is about believing in the purpose beyond profit, sharing the same values, being proud of what unites colleagues, departments and business units. It is also about translating the brand into action beyond communications into all aspects of business operations – from product and service innovation to supply chain management and community engagement – providing a license to operate and creating shared value. On that theme, our practice draws on a variety of techniques and intervention styles from leadership coaching to training and future visualization to help your organization harness future value creation and competitive advantage.