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Tips For Creating Uncompromising Brand Experiences During A Crisis

When a global crises arrises, we all feel the impact in business as well as at home. The two are very much connected. We work to take care of our personal life which can include a family, pets, travel, hobbies, and more. At Houze Of PoP, we recommend using your time wisely for networking and personal growth during a time of crisis. All of us say, "I don't have time to do....." Take this time to do what you usually don't have time to do. Take a certification coarse, read those books you have saved in your Kindle. At work, this is the best time to re-imagine your digital experience or your customer experience. Today, we want to share a few reminders below to maintain a good brand experience during a crisis.

Customer Experience

During a crisis we need to be flexible with our customers by offering coupons, rescheduling appointments, improving convenience and providing online payment options.  In order to do this, we must place the customer’s interest above the interest of our business.  Our hope is that this Customer Experience focus will be reciprocated, allowing us to eventually exceed our business goals. This strategy has proven to be effective for some of the world’s most successful brands which compete on experience rather than on products or services. This includes companies such as Virgin, Apple, AirBnB, Uber; all of which are brands that have won the battle of conversion and retention based upon the experience they provide.

Stay Connected

Stay informed while keeping your team and customers in the loop. Encourage your customers to shop online and take appointments via video conference.

Effective Communication

We are all coping with things that we cannot control.  As we modify the way we deliver goods and services our customers expect clear communication about these changes.  If you foresee inventory shortages, changes in delivery times and service delays, then you must inform your customers.  Setting the right expectation can often prevent negative customer experiences. Consistently communicate information via your website, emphasize it on social media and send it in your email newsletters. Improve your social listening in order to proactively respond and reply customers inqueries, complaints, and seek feedback. Ask them what they want and need, be open to online shopping and home deliveries, now more than ever.

Employee Experience

During the early outbreak, it's difficult to communicate the correct information because new data and events might make the present practices obsolete. Also, the scare might create room for misinformation. Therefore, it's mandatory to protect your employees. This can be done in the following ways:

Make commute optional, if possible. Many tech companies have adopted the route of remote working. To conduct meetings, they largely rely on communication apps like Slack or Skype and Zoom for video conferencing.If you are a business that interacts directly with consumers such as service, retail or hospitality then you can reduce your daily working hours. Create a private landing page that allows employees to access essential information regarding the crisis and updated work policies. It's highly likely that since conflicting information and rumors would be doing the rounds during such periods, an official wiki becomes a trusted resource for employees to get the information they need.

Crisis Management

While it's impossible to anticipate when a crisis will hit your business, you can take the right measures so that you can swiftly manage it when it occurs. That means you need to have a crisis management team in place that will be responsible for the communication that goes out to the public. The team should be comprised of people that work in different parts of the organization, which includes the in-house PR or marketing people. In some cases, it may be beneficial to work with a PR agency if the in-house personnel lack crisis management experience.

It is always important to nominate an in-house spokesperson to reinforce the company’s brand during media interactions. By conducting training or role-playing sessions for your spokespersons will ensure that they can effectively answer any questions that might be asked.

Closing Thoughts

There's still not enough clarity on our current crisis with COVID-19, and organizations need to be on their toes to ensure that employees, stakeholders, and customers are adequately informed. Even though the intensity of the crisis may decrease in the future, organizations should revisit how they addressed this crisis management challenge and improve and update the strategy to remain prepared for the future.


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