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5 Tips To Become A Purpose-Driven Brand

Updated: Mar 1

It is important to have a "purpose" for being in business. Why does your business exist? Houze Of PoP is passionate about working on value-driven brands and companies whose products seek to make the world a better place.

Houze Of PoP is a purpose-driven brand. Our purpose is to be the best for the world, creators of sustainable success, through support, ethics and innovation. As a Pacific Northwest company, we are part of a community committed to using business as a force for good. We aim to walk a path for people and sustainable success.

Our vision goes far beyond our purpose as a brand. Part of our role as a company is to share our learnings and support the global shift in how businesses operate in today’s economy. Whether you’re a small business, such as a coffee shop, or a large corporation, here are 5 tips which can help you communicate your purpose with the world.

1. The purpose of your brand speaks to people in unique ways. For a recent campaign we focused on connecting with mission aligned influencers who all had a different perspective on what they loved about the benefits of our service. For example, Instagram influencers. When dealing with influencers, a brand is relinquishing a certain amount of creative control. This can initially be a large step for a company, and is particularly relevant when you’re influencing brand culture, as well as product. However, when executed with creators who are capable of putting their own spin on a narrative, it is highly effective. Instead of one slogan per area, you are able to use unique perspectives on your product and purpose for different regions. Offering a broader creative scope for your brand and gaining a social traction that is difficult to replicate in-house or via traditional methods.

2. Community driven, hyper local approach - Houze Of PoP is a brand which believes in growning organically over time through community and their love for your business. It’s important that your marketing reflects this. Communities want to see a business who is volunteering there time, resources, and people to improving the community. Partner with other companies who share the same purpose as you in different cities using advertising to amplify your messaging where you know your audiences are, and in locations most likely to resonate with your particular message. 

3. Talking to our customers. We recently redesigned all of our social platforms to ensure we are a hub for information and communication with our consumers and clients. We are real people answering your questions every day and we love engaging in conversation or answering questions - whether it’s the right customer experience or a conversation from a recent event. Our social media channels are also a network for our professional partners community as well as our guests to engage with each other and create an ecosystem between companies and consumers.

4. Support your professional partners. If you have a b2b element to your business, hero the great work done by them too. We have companies who choose to follow Houze Of PoP because of our aligned values, and we love highlighting them and their charitable efforts locally as a way of celebrating their shared passion for doing good. Running a business takes courage and determination and we are thrilled to support like-minded businesses.

5. Bring purpose into your work culture. As a business for good, we volunteer for and host lots of events that align with and highlight our values. For example, we love supporting other brands with purpose and recently created an annual award to be given to a company voted by their peers as providing the best customer experience. We also love creating conversations with other thought leaders. This is a great way to engage with our communities, as well as being an overall great team building experience. Creating a purposeful culture takes time, it is a new habit which everyone in the team has to practice. Alongside team activities such as a beach clean up, it also means an open and transparent culture where employees can see the values and purpose of your company in the everyday actions which are taken by leadership and which are encouraged in the daily culture.


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