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Houze Of PoP Membership Consulting Benefits

Membership consulting helping solo professionals stay innovative and grow their businesses and effectively serve their clients

Monthly Networking Meetings

The Houze Of PoP membership meetings offer a break from the regular routine. Our dinner meetings have a relaxed atmosphere where our members and invited-members network can hear speakers on current business issues. Our lunch meetings are informal events where you can ask questions of our Houze Of PoP consultants or just enjoy lunch with your fellow solo professionals. View our meeting schedule for more information and directions. Dinner meeting pricing and registration information are available on our meeting schedule page.

Member Directory

Members have individual profile pages in the member directory on the Houze Of PoP website.  They can update their member profile information at any time, including shared topics and categories in which they wish to be apart of in our member forum. 

Member-to-Member Exchange

Houze Of PoP members are offered a free forum that includes education, shared photos, success stories, advice, and networking with other members. The exchange is an opportunity to grow with the support of other business professionals, and promote your business within the Houze Of PoP membership network. The exchange is in our Members Only section and is not viewable by the public. 

Mentoring Program

When you first join as a regular member, you can take advantage of three mentoring sessions with a seasoned consultant. Associate members receive one mentoring session.

This mentoring is available exclusively during the first six months of membership. We believe that early in your membership is the best time for this mentoring to be of greatest value. As a result, we want to encourage you to use this resource early on. After six months or three sessions, whichever comes first, the formal mentoring ends.

Referral Service

Houze Of PoP provides a free referral service for the member community. Only current Houze Of PoP members participate in the referral service. Companies may search the Houze Of PoP member database and/or contact Houze Of PoP directly for information and referrals.

Note: There is no charge for either the prospective client or the member for the referral service. It is the responsibility of the two parties to contractually formalize a service relationship.


Members receive discounts on Houze Of PoP meetings, workshops, and seminars. Our members also are eligible for discounts from our partner organizations.

Electronic Newsletter

PoP Out Experiences, published monthly, includes general interest items to members, Houze Of PoP program and meeting notices, and news about our fellow members.  Members are encouraged to submit articles and other information for the newsletter.


Members are invited to join the Society of Houze Of PoP Group on LinkedIn.  Joining allows them to find and contact other members on LinkedIn.

The goal of this group is to help members:

  • Reach other members of Houze Of PoP

  • Accelerate careers/business through referrals to and from our group members

  • Learn more about their colleagues through the professional profiles of fellow group members 

Books and Articles

Houze Of PoP posts current books and articles our members have published in commercial newspapers, magazines, and the industry or organizational newsletters. 

Speakers for Meetings or Events 

Houze Of PoP members who speak professionally can list their speaking topics in their member profiles.  Organizations that are looking for speakers can search the member database to identify speakers who will fill their needs.  They can also contact Houze Of PoP directly for recommendations. 

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