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Creating Brand Experiences

Delivering Results



Houze Of PoP unites experts in strategy, design, innovation, and experience, who work together to harness the power of brand experience for growth. Houze Of PoP seamlessly combines our expertise with your knowledge of your business to define and connect every aspect of your brand experience. We start by strengthening the foundations of your business with a brand strategy and brand design. We then collaborate with you to define your customer and employee experience. We harness the power of your environment experience to speak your brand story. Houze Of PoP converts brand awareness into brand loyalty for a more connected future.


People don't want to see ads. They want to experience your brand.






You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day. Houze Of PoP creates a personalized brand experience for a connected modern world that thirsts for the new. Each crafted experience is unique and personalized. Just like no 2 signatures are the same, your brand experience will always be unique with its own team of experts that match your brand style. Your team always follows a 4 step process that guarantees success!



First things first – we need to get familiar. We want to know who you are, where your brand experience has been and where you’d like it to go. What’s your brand’s personality? What makes you different? In Discovery, we’ll assess your overall vision and goals with exercises that ask these questions and use your answers to determine how and what you need to communicate to your target market.




Following the Discovery phase, we’ll conduct a series of collaborative meetings with you to work towards a plan, tone and aesthetic for all experiences and messaging. We’ll explore how presentation, layouts, colors, customer service, communication and environment will be used to bring your brands Consumer Experience to life. This process culminates with our "PoP Out Service Methods" where we give you a step-by-step plan to increase customer and employee loyalty, your brand identity and how it translates across your core collateral and marketing pieces.


Houze Of PoP can act as consultants, or hands on like doctors. We can execute your plan from concept and training to final results with growth data collected and business consulting along the way. Or, we can support your management during this stage. We coordinate and direct commercial remodels, oversee employee training, write and edit employee handbooks, or handle all visual and verbal communication from your brand. From start to finish, we are your full service agency.




After execution of your new systems and marketing plans, it's time to measure your results. With continued consulting, training, and measuring, we can decide to re-imagine our plan or continue to watch our results. We believe in a culture for profit. We are all looking to profit from our hard work. ROI is important and everything we do is centered around your bottom line, today, and in the future.


 What makes Houze Of PoP unique is that we work in a collective agency that partners with other small agencies who are best-of-breed service providers to execute projects. Partnerships offer us a way of increasing our capabilities while investing our time in your business and staff. We simply join forces with others who are at the top of their fields to be able to execute our Experience Plans for your business. We manage your projects and plans for you to give you more time.




The strength of brand loyalty begins with how your product or service makes people feel. We collaborate with businesses across diverse industries to re-imagine their vision into brand experiences that redefine categories.





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