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Re-imagining Customer Experiences

Delivering Results


We harness the power of experiences for growth.

Houze Of PoP is a consulting agency that specializes in Customer Experience and CX Design. Houze Of PoP unites experts in strategy, design, innovation and consumer experience, who work together to harness the power of growth. We collaborate with businesses across diverse industries to re-imagine their vision into world-class experiences that redefine categories.



Connecting with the modern world

Define service experiences and brand culture. Set new standards in beauty, fashion, and cultural retail, as well as quick-serve, travel, restaurant, and hotel hospitality – we help leading brands to differentiate and continually reinvent their customer experiences.   

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Environment Experiences

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Project Management

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The Guest Joyrney Map helps you create y

Customer Journey Mapping

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Experience Staging


Education & Training


Let’s meet in real life

All class dates will be announced after Covid-19 is contained.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop
PoP Out Service Method Certification


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Our Brand Purpose

Being the best for the world, and creators of a good life for all through education, experiences, ethics and supportability


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